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Join us as we exhibit Blocksafe and partners in Las Vegas , Nevada at CoinAgenda
and in Chicago Illinois at Fund Conference

Bounty and project updates -Sept 27, 2017 - 5pm Est.

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Creating an infrastructure for Smartgun technologies via blockchain innovations.
Resource links - patent pending - whitepaper - project updates- partner updates/1mm trig bounty


Blockchain centric Blocksafe Smartgun network brings improved security, enhanced features and privacy to ‘enhanced firearm’ technology.

Introducing the first global smartgun network called 'Blocksafe'. A myriad of decentralized technologies coupled together to form the first and only open smartgun network to provide an infrastruture to power the future of enhanced defense innovations.

Enhanced firearm technology is on it’s way. It can’t be stopped. But connected tech comes with significant risks. That’s why we use blockchain technology to keep you in control of your enhanced firearm tech at all times.

Blocksafe token distribution.


Blocksafe Foundation

Taking charge of the Blocksafe protocol. The Blocksafe foundation believes that self defense is a human right. Smartgun technology provides just that; improved self defense & safety.

Triggers Token

Triggers, a machine to machine token, powers the Blocksafe Smartgun tech network economy. Triggers power every event that takes place between smart devices participating in the Blocksafe network. You can trade for Triggers on

Anonymity & Liberty

The Blocksafe foundation believes that an anonymous, secure and decentralized infrastructure must be in place for Smartgun technologies to reach their full potential. These technologies can anonymously reduce gang activity, locate stolen firearms, prevent malignant gun use and more. Saving lives by providing an infrastructure for enhanced self-defense features.

Enhancing Owner Control

Secure, anonymous and reliable. The Blocksafe technology stack includes Telehash, decentralized VPN (DVPN), blockchain and torrent technologies. Smartgun engineers save time and money with Blocksafe. Focus on the hardware side of development while staying anonymous.



•Burn approx 70m of 100m $trig

•Begin migration of Blocksafe DL 'Libertas' to fork of Qtum

•Meet with attorneys on using 10% of patent to fund Gunshot Spot distribution to schools and hospitals globally. Speak about, among other items on agenda including overseas expansion

•Reveal to share updates on Blocksafe and partners within crypto and gun space. As Bitcoin talk is not known to gun lovers

•Embark on partneships to pilot Blocksafe, using satellite internet

•Continue on partnership expansion with NRA and and firearm enhanced technology companies

•Continue Working with NRA to accept crypto currency

•Embark on partnership with NRA carry insurance for piloting

•Engage Glock and Lockheed Martin (being they are 30 min away from our prototype location.)


•Work with partners on gun tech, drone tech, and satellite internet in conjunction with our prototype and R&D partner,

•Prepare for exhibit and pitching ( $trig ) Blocksafe at Coin Agenda in Las Vegas

•Prepare for exhibit and pitching (for $trig ) Blocksafe at Fund Conference in Chicago

•Continue embarking on relationships for pilots from October.


•Test Qtum wallet in Gunshot Spot

More news to be released later.

2018 roadmap to be released in November.
*subject to updates ( such as upcoming $Trig token sale )


Kevin Barnes

20 year veteran as Systems Architect and coder. U.S. Army Veteran. Kevin developed paywall and content delivery solutions for companies like Kaiser Permanente for over 10 years.

Joseph Shutz

Over 30 years at Intel. VP of Intel Labs overseeing an engineering department of thousands of engineers. Overseen hundreds of Intel patents filings. Internet of things pioneer.

Andrew Filipowski

Mr. Filipowski is one of the world's most successful high-tech entrepreneurs, philanthropists and industry visionaries. Mr. Filipowski is the founder of Tally Capital, a venture capital firm focused on investing in Bitcoin; the digital currency ecosystem.

Michael Terpin

Bitcoin investor/mentor/speaker. Co-founder, BItAngels, Bitcoin Syndicate. Founded @Marketwired, @SocialRadius, @TransformPR, @CoinAgenda, @StartupDebut.

Tony Hughes

A creative strategist with previous experience working with some of the biggest names in blockchain technology. NEM, Hyperledger Iroha & Soramitsu.

Patrick Feeney

15+ years, as a hedge fund trader for: Dawson-Herman Capital Management, Amaranth, Millennium, and J. Goldman & Co. Discovered Bitcoin in 2012. CEO/Founder of Bitcoin Nation, LLC, exited on sale to PeerNova 2015. MBA acquired in 2001 and working on a Masters in Computer Science. Innovative consultant in the crypto currency and blockchain space, focused on the business, education, trading, and advisory side.


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